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We're a mobile app development company dedicated to crafting unique and creative mobile applications tailored for digital creators

Our Work Process

We have developed a effective work process to ensure the successful execution of our projects and the delivery of exceptional results. Our work process is a reflection of our commitment to quality, efficiency, and our end user satisfaction.





Empowering Millions through Our Innovations

We create our own iOS & Android apps and games, which are used and loved by millions all around the world. We have a creative and experienced team for research, design, and development. We empower digital creators through image & video editing apps, graphic design apps, and games. Our 50+ iOS & Android apps have been downloaded millions of times and, on a daily basis, are discovered by thousands of new users. Our mission at InfoString is to empower individuals to be creative.



We have a team of talented Android developers who build top-notch apps using flexible programming languages like Kotlin and Java.


We've successfully crafted and launched 50+ iOS applications that command a significant presence on the App Store.


We create innovative and entertaining games for iOS and Android. Our game developers are highly proficient in delivering cutting-edge mobile game technology.


At InfoString, experienced UI/UX designers work hand in hand with developers to design digital products that are visually stunning, valuable and useful.

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